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You can follow up here the latest news of this project including development status and release infos.

NClass 2.03 released
Sorry everybody... Unfortunately, in the last half year I couldn't get time to continue the development of NClass. I don't know when I will have the chance to work on it again, hence I wanted to make a new release from the current SVN state. This new version contains a brand new PDF exporter plugin (many thanks to Malte Ried) and some bugfixes as well. I know, lots of thing are still missing from this release, but hopefully everything will be implemented in future versions.
NClass 2.02 released
This version comes with a few bugfixes and the ability of creating aggregations when reverse engineering.

The development of NClass has been slowed down as I haven't been able to work on it in the last couple of days, but I wanted to make a release a version of its current state. Hope I can fully concentrate on this project soon.
NClass 2.01 released
This version focuses more on the new class editor and fixes some minor bugs. It also brings much better keyboard support: you are now able to edit class members like you would do in a text editor.

Tip: for adding a new method, just press the Ctrl+Shift+M in the floating editor box or select it from the dropdown list after pressing Shift+Enter. Don't worry, I'm going to make a guide for these secret shortcuts.
NClass 2.0 updated
I've uploaded a quick bugfix version of 2.0 because of a small bug (the browse button didn't work in the code generator dialog) and updated Chinese language file. It's still 2.0 so you have to download it again to see the updates.
NClass 2.0 released
Finally, it's here! This release brings back to life this nearly-dead project. NClass is back again with a brand new graphical engine and lots of handy features. I hope you will enjoy all the enhancements in this version.

Please read the full list of changes here: